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Accounting Pro (Asahi-ku, Yokohama) is a company associated with Wakasugi Accounting Office. The company provides consulting services in fields related to management, such as management strategies, subsidies support and M&A, as well as in recruitment.  As part of the company’s CI development, tegusu handled the business concept setting, logomark design, application to business cards and leaflets.

We defined “count” “support” and “lead” as the three words that represent their business, and chose “lead” to be the most important keyword among the three, since leading is the essential part of consulting. This word became the main element of the design concept, based on which the logomark was created.
The symbol mark is created with a motif of “A,” which is the initial of the company name, and the needle of a compass. This implies how the company determines optimal solutions to issues and leads their clients to the success of management in a professional manner, just like a compass leads people to the right direction.  
赤と青の配色は、緻密さと冷静さを要する業務の内側に、情熱を抱えながら仕事に向き合うスタンスを映し出しています。DIN Boldにアレンジを加えた英字ロゴタイプに加え、社名と会計事務所の和文ロゴタイプも作成しています。

The color arrangement of red and blue reflects their attitude towards work. Although externally they handle the kind of work that requires close observation and calmness, you can see a passion for work that drives them internally.  We produced the Japanese logotype for the company and the accounting office, in addition to the alphabet logotype created by making adjustments to DIN Bold.
Client : Accounting Pro Co., Ltd. 株式会社アカウティングプロ
Creative Direction, Design : Masaomi Fujita tegusu Inc. 藤田雅臣(株式会社tegusu)
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