Artists in Shonan 3


アーティスト in 湘南Ⅲ「創画会ゆかりの画家たち」
湘南(平塚市美術館がある区域)にゆかりのあるアーティストを紹介する「ARTISTS IN SHONAN」シリーズの第三弾。西洋の近代美術を参照しながら新しい日本画の創出をめざした「創画会」。湘南地区で同団体に関連のある画家10人の約40点の作品を展示し、時代とともに変化する日本画の有り様を探求する展示会です。

“Painters Who Have a Connection to The SOGA-kai Association of Japanese Painting”
This is the third event of a series of exhibitions called ”ARTISTS IN SHONAN,” which have been held to introduce artists based in Shonan, the area where The Hiratsuka Museum of Art is located. “SOGA-kai” attempted to innovate Japanese painting while examining Western modern art. About 40 artworks of ten painters, who are based in the Shonan area and have a connection to SOGA-kai are exhibited to examine how Japanese-style paintings have changed with the times.

tegusu produced the poster and the leaflet of the exhibition. Considering the fact that SOGA-kai were in search for how the style of Japanese painting ought to be while looking into Western-style painting, we used bigger sized alphabetical letters and matched them with the Japanese title of the exhibition. Light blue, used for the letters as the main color, and the font form reflect the delicate colors and lines of Matazo Kayama’s painting titled “Winter,” the main image used in the poster and the leaflet.

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