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純米吟醸酒「asif」は、酒造り体験企画「MAKE SAKE PROJECT」によって生まれた日本酒です。このプロジェクトは、千葉県において300年以上の歴史を持つ老舗酒蔵「飯沼本家」にて酒造り体験を行い、自分の作った日本酒を、後日自宅で楽しめるというクラウドファンディングを使った企画。

Junmai Ginjoshu (Special Brew Sake which used higher polished rice only ) named “asif” is Japanese sake which was produced by participants of “MAKE SAKE PROJECT.” In this crowdfunded project called “MAKE SAKE PROJECT,” participants experience making sake in a long-established brewery called Iinumahonke, which has over a 300-year history in Chiba Prefecture, and they can take the sake they made and enjoy it at home.
The purpose of this project is to let participants know a new way of enjoying Japanese sake in this time when the consumption of Japanese sake is going down, not just by “drinking” it, but also through “experiences.” These experiences include touring the brewery while directly communicating with sake makers and making actual sake. tegusu developed the package concept and handled the design work. 

Client:飯沼本家(Iinumahonke Inc.)
Art Direction, Design:Masaomi Fujita(tegusu)
Although this Japanese sake is named “asif” in alphabet letters, I used “tome (stop),” which is one of the stroke styles used in kanji characters, in the alphabet logo of this sake in order to add Japaneseness to it. “Tome” is also used in lines drawn as decoration, and it plays an essential part of the design. As it is expected that “asif” will be a series and new versions will be made in this sake making experience project in the following years, 2016 in kanji numbers are printed in big letters on the label. The label will be renewed each year, although the impression of the design won’t be changed. 
L : 720ml type, R : 1800ml type
On the paper strip label, four icons are designed and printed, and they represent “traditional sake brewery,” “rice,” “pure water,” and “sake makers’ dedication,” respectively. Japanese sake “asif” isn’t complete without these elements merging together.
飯沼本家(Iinuma Honke "Sake brewery"):
株式会社アンカーマン( (酒蔵ツーリズムなどを企画する会社)

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