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“Ichigo Ichie Art Studio” is an art school for children from age 3 located in Liwan District of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in China. tegusu worked on the production of the VI.
“Ichigoichie” is a Japanese proverb that comes from a concept used in tea ceremonies. It means that in a tea ceremony, both the host and the guests should be there with a truly sincere attitude, keeping in mind that every tea ceremony is a one-in-a-life-time opportunity. “Ichigo Ichie Art Studio” believes that every one of their classes, where children work on their creation, is a one-in-a-life-time occasion just like a tea ceremony, and their philosophy is to provide children with an environment in which they can create their art to the best of their abilities.

The school requested us to produce a logo that will be adored by children for a long time to come. They also wanted the logo to reflect the colorful and bright atmosphere of their classroom.A motif of two animals meeting up and creating art together, the design inspired by the name ichigoichie, is used in the logo. The expectation that children will learn to enjoy creation and creative thinking will be nurtured through the encounter with art and with other children in the school lies in this logo.(Japanese letters are used instead of Chinese letters in the logo because of the school owner’s preference. The font was originally created by us.)


Seven kinds of animals, a raccoon dog, squirrel, anteater, bear, cat, dog, and fox, are used in the logo. Although blue is used as the main color, there are also versions using pink, light green and purple. Teachers who run the school, as well as children, can choose their preferred combination of animals and favorite colors depending on the item. We believe that this will let them explore their playful minds, helping the school progress.

The logo is used for various items including tote bags and aprons, in addition to printed materials issued by the school.

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