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Un rideau is a company which runs a showroom in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture. They provide custom order curtain and interior coordination services. tegusu developed their CI and designed business cards, signs and the website.

CIの開発は、1)ライフスタイルや好みに合わせて選べるオーダーカーテンの自由さ 2)部屋の彩りから暮らしを豊かにするクリエイティブな姿勢 の2点を表現することを主軸にしています。また同社は女性が働ける・活躍できる職場を大切にしているため、スタッフもすべて女性で、また顧客にも女性が多いことから「女性らしさ」もキーワードとなっています。
For the development of CI, I focused on the ideas of 1) convenience and freedom of custom order curtains that can be chosen based on each customer’s lifestyle and taste, and 2) creativity of "Un rideau" that enriches life with room decoration. All the staff members in "Un rideau" are women, since the company puts importance in a workplace where women can work and shine. Most of their customers are women too, so “femininity” is also a keyword.
 I produced the concept copy “Free and airy, just like the wind breeze through an open window,” and I adopted the logo mark in which a curtain by the window waving in the wind blown into the room is cut into the form ”U”, the initial letter of the company name. The colors adopted are pastel colors of sky blue, which represents the outside of the window, and salmon pink, which has a distinctly feminine impression, and I put emphasis on delicacy and an airy impression given by curves.
As for the website, I was involved from the stage of page structure creation. I made the overall impression of the company consistent through the website design by using trimmed photos in various places in which curves of waving curtains are used effectively.
Un rideau WEB SITE(http://unrideau.co.jp

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