Warm House / Poster,Leaflet



Chiba Health and Energy Conservation Housing Promotion Association is a business organization which aims for the realization of a “healthy and long-lived society,” the reduction of nursing care cost, and the vitalization of local economies, through the provision of housing whose focus is on health. Especially housing which has every-saving capabilities and a good thermal environment is said to help elders live longer. The current poster and leaflet illustrate the reason such “warm houses” are effective and economical, and places to be renovated to turn your house into a “warm house” in a simple way. The visual comparison of “cold houses” and “warm houses” using pictograms is made so that people who see it can understand the benefits and risks instinctively.

AE:Tomoyuki Takeda
Art Direction, Design:Masaomi Fujita(tegusu)

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