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Wood Earth Presents is a company that provides custom houses and remodeling service in the Shonan area. I renewed the design of their logos which show a name for their service, chose image colors, designed the motif, and also designed business cards, signs, and advertisements and so on for the expansion of the company’s service.

Art Direction, DesignMasaomi Fujitategusu
I created the logo of “e・HOMES,” which is a name for their custom house service, and that of “Re・HOMES,” which is a named for their remodeling service. Their previous logos had a masculine impression with the use of straight lines, and so I recreated them, redefining the colors, adjusting the impressions of fonts, and improving the smiley faces of “e” and “R,” so that the logos will be more appealing to women. I put an upward-facing arrow to the mouth of each face to add a positive feel of “improvement” or “recreation.” 
Also, I reconsidered the color and form of the motif of building blocks the company had been using, which was created based on the image of “construction,” as well as the logos. Inspired by the company name “Wood Earth,” I defined the colors based on images of natural objects, such as earth, trees, sky and sun. The motif of blocks built in different shapes represents houses built and remodeled with different motives and tastes of different people. As a tool to convey the concept of service, the motif is used in signs, business cards and advertisements in construction sites.
Name Card/名刺
Sheet for construction sites/現場シート
Signs for office/事務所看板

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