BUDO Japanese Martial Arts

Nikko Graphic Arts/写真集「BUDO Japanese Martial Arts」

「I Know Japan -BUDO Japanese Martial Arts-」

日本が誇る文化を、写真や文章で紹介するビジュアルブック「I KNOW JAPAN」シリーズ。静岡のお茶文化を紹介した “JAPANESE TEA” に続く第二弾は、日本の「武道」を紹介する「BUDO Japanese Martial Arts」。tegusuでは、第1弾に続き、ブックデザインと全体のアートディレクションを行いました。

“I KNOW JAPAN” is a series of visual books which introduces Japanese cultural bravado with photos and texts. The second book, which follows the book about the tea culture in Shizuoka called “JAPANESE TEA,” is “BUDO Japanese Martial Arts.” This book introduces Japanese martial arts, and like the first book, tegusu was the solitary designer and provided an overall art direction.
This series of photo collections are produced to let the world know about Japanese culture, and is by Nikko Graphic Arts located in Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture. They use their expertise in printing, production and translation for the series. The books are available in 3 languages: English, French, and German. They are also exhibited in book fairs in various countries.

「BUDO Japanese Martial Arts」で紹介しているのは、柳生新陰流(剣術)、天道流薙刀術、 小笠原流(弓術、馬術)、宝蔵院流槍術の四流派。各流派の歴史、受け継がれてきた伝統、現在の稽古の様子、武具や武器、宗家の想いなどが、迫力ある写真と共に紹介されています。

In “BUDO Japanese Martial Arts,” you can find out about 4 different schools in martial arts: Yagyu Shinkage-ryu (kenjutsu), Tendo-ryu Naginatajutsu, Ogasawara-ryu (archery and horsemanship), and Hozoin-ryu Sojutsu. The book tells you about the history of each school, traditions that have been inherited, how they practice, weapons or armor, and the headmasters’   thoughts, fully illustrated with dynamic photos.


We had multiple discussions with the publishing team regarding the binding, and we carefully created an elaborate design. Color: Gold, silver, and black, which are the combination of colors often used for weapons and armor, are used symbolically. Binding: The front cover is covered with cloth binding and a velvet PP film. The title letters are hot-stamped using matte silver. The edges of the pages are painted with silver. The inside cover uses paper with a texture that reminds you of a gold folding screen. Furthermore, Japanese paper which is stuck together with Rakusui paper with hemp patterns is used, and the name of each school and their typical tools are printed on it using letterpress printing.
On the page opposite of the acknowledgements and credits page, shippo patterns, which represent affinity, harmony, and human connections, are printed in gold and silver spot colors.​​​​​​​

The typography of “BUDO” is used consistently for the front cover, promotional flyers and posters. It was created based on the images of the sharpness of arms and the well-honed mental state that can be achieved through martial arts. It works as the visual identity that emphasizes the presence of these books. It also functions as the main visual element that supports their brand image.

The books are available for purchase on the following website:
For more information, please contact Nikko Graphic Arts at the this email address, and mention that you visited this website.
*French and German will be released in end of August.
You can check the latest information in their Facebook page.

CL:Nikko Graphic Arts Co., Ltd
Production : Nikko Graphic Arts, Publication department, Team "I Know Japan"
Photography:Masatomo Moriyama (Rajin)
Book Design:Masaomi Fujita(tegusu)
Printed and published by Nikko Graphic Arts Co. ,Ltd

Production : 日興美術株式会社 出版局 I Know Japanチーム
Photography:森山雅智 (Rajin)
Book Design:藤田雅臣(tegusu Inc.)
Printed and published by 日興美術株式会社

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