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第二作目となる「ばすたぶ ふぁんたじぃ」は、神奈川県の9名の学生とともに、横浜市幼稚園協会協力のもと完成されました。tegusuでは学生が考えた原案をもとに文章の構成、絵本の装丁やイラストを担当させていただきました。
Tatsumi Planning (Nishi-ku, Yokohama) designs and constructs custom houses, and conducts other various business activities related to living and housing. In a project called “Tatsumi’s Children’s Book Department” Project, which is run by Tatsumi Planning as an activity for contribution to society, children’s books will be produced to support the growth of children in Yokohama, who will play a vital role for the future of the city, and the books will be given away to over 250 kindergartens in Yokohama. Local students and companies are collaborating with each other to produce original children’s books and deliver them to children in Yokohama. Their hope is to encourage and build interest in children of home construction and craftsmen work.
The second book, “Bathtub Fantasy” was created by nine students in Kanagawa Prefecture with the cooperation of Yokohama Kindergarten Association. Tegusu worked on the structure of the text based on the draft created by the students, and also handled the binding and illustration of the book.


Art Direction & Design:Masaomi Fujita (tegusu)
Illstration, 文章:いちはらこずえ
There is one character that poses differently from others hidden in the illustration on the inside cover. This is one example of our effort to make every page of the book fun for children. 

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