〒220-0011 横浜市西区高島1-2-5

TEL   045-274-8692
WEB  http://tegusu.com
E-mail  info@tegusu.com
創業  2012年
設立  2016年
代表  藤田 雅臣



tegusu Inc.
3F G 3-35, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, 231-0015
TEL  +81-45-274-8692
WEB  http://tegusu.com
E-mai  info@tegusu.com
Founded  2012
Incorporated  2016

Become a thread that connects all the things to society
tegusu is a design studio which provides a wide variety of creative work while keeping an eye on brand building, ranging from planning and conceptual development to design.
The company is named after “tegusu,” a kind of thread used for fishing and accessories.  Although being thin and transparent, tegusu thread has a high tensile strength and flexibility. Our vision is to become a thread, just like tegusu, which connects all the things including client’s ideas, creator’s techniques, valuable information and people to society, through concept work with a strong core, transparent communication, flexible thoughts without limiting design fields.
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