Natural Recall is Elective Affinity Communication Project in Italy. 40 Graphic designers and image creators inviting to participate in this project.
「Natural Recall」は、イタリアの自然をテーマにしたポスターコミュニケーションプロジェクト。世界各地の40人のデザイナーやアーティストが依頼を受け、同プロジェクトのためにポスターを制作し、ベネチアで行われた展示会に出展した。私はオーガナイザーのステファノ氏からオファーを受け日本から出展した。
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About my poster.
Walking into the woods, a myriad of rotten dead leaves spread out under  the comfortable sound of leaves shuddering in the breeze. Seeing this, I  looked back on the season of fresh shining new green leaves, and thought about  the stream of time. Plants tell us a lapse of time through the  changes  of  the seasons, and ask a question on  the  preciousness  and  meaning  of  “time,” which is a looming unsubstantial thing. Even if we live to be 80 years  old, we can enjoy a life of only 960 months. Fleetingness of  the  number  “960.” How many months and days of them did I live? I  expressed  such  my  thought about the passage of time.

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