WWFジャパンとchart projectの協同制作による「OCS認証取得オリジナル手ぬぐい」の企画・クリエイティブディレクション・デザイン・イラストレーションを担当しました。本商品はWWFジャパン公式オンラインショップで発売中です。
chart projectは、社会課題のグラフをもとにアート作品の制作や、ワークショップ、展覧会を行う活動です。代表の藤田は理事・Creative Directorとして参加しています。

Original tenugui hand towel with Organic Content Standard certification, produced in collaboration with WWF Japan and chart project.
tegusu was in charge of planning, creative direction, design and illustration. This product is now on sale at WWF Japan's official online shop.
The chart project is a general incorporated association that produces artworks and holds workshops on the theme of social issues. tegusu's representative Fujita participates in the chart project as a board member and Creative Director.​​​​​​​

WWFジャパンとchart projectでは、OCS認証を持つ商品の一つとして、この手ぬぐいが水資源や生物多様性について考えるきっかけになれば、という想いから協同開発商品生まれました。

The artwork on the tenugui hand towels is based on a graph of freshwater organisms that have declined by 83% in the 50 years from 1970 to 2018 due to the effects of overuse and pollution of water resources. In contrast to the graph, which shows a steady decline, the artwork powerfully depicts freshwater species in danger of extinction, looking forward and living in the present, within the natural order of things.
In order to ensure the sustainability of cotton production, which places a particularly heavy environmental burden on freshwater areas, WWF Japan has acquired Organic Content Standard certification and promotes awareness of water issues through familiar products.
Organic Content Standard: An international certification for sustainable cotton that traces all processes from the harvesting of raw materials to the finished product.
WWF Japan and the chart project have collaborated to develop the tenugui, one of the products certified under the Organic Content Standard, in the hope that it will encourage people to think about water resources and biodiversity.

The leaflet enclosed with the hand towel adds an explanation of the habitat of freshwater organisms and water sustainability.​​​​​​​

Client : WWF japan(公益財団法⼈世界⾃然保護基⾦ジャパン)& chart project
Planning : chart project
Planning, Art Direction, Design, Illustration : Masaomi Fujita / tegusu, chartproject

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