photo : Hajime Kato


Compass Yokohama- the art event held at "Grand Mall Park" at the heart of Minato Mirai, Yokohama. In addition to the gigantic installation and artists' exhibition, the event also offered live performances, DJ, workshops, kitchen cars, etc., and served as an opportunity to enjoy art for many visitors from wider generations. tegusu performed designing of the event's PR visual and image, document book, etc.


3 gradation patterns for the event's key visual were designed by gathering ideas from the concept terms such as "compass" and "cultural mix", etc. ”Crossings of lines going different directions", "Aggressively mixing sensitivity", and "the sunset melting into the night" are the themes assigned respectively. Teaser campaign and document book consist of gradation only, and the leaflet and website were developed by blending illustrations mainly from  "Yumemiru-Kingyo" by Mao Sato the event art director. Those organically blending gradations also went well together with the organdy fabric at the venue by Mitsushi Yanaihara.

photo : Hajime Kato

Client : Yokohama Arts Foundation

Direction, Graphic Design : Masaomi Fujita / tegusu Inc.
Motion Graphic, Book editorial design : Yu Kuramoto / tegusu Inc.

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