Shimada Co., Ltd. / Brochure(B5 size / 20 Page / Cover: Mat PP)


Shimada Co., Ltd., an old firm established in 1921 and based in Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka city, sells furniture materials and interior materials, as well as makes furniture. tegusu handled the development of Shimada’s renewed CI, and subsequently produced their company brochure.


For the production of the brochure, we proposed and examined several different editing concepts. As a result, we set our goal of making a brochure in which the ideas of “confidence” and “conscientiousness” are present on all the pages. These two words were also keywords for the CI development. We also adopted the page structure with the main focus on introducing their business philosophy “HaRiSS.”

The corporate philosophy “HaRiSS,” which had already been well known among their customers, was symbolized using the company’s symbol color. The sentences that explain the philosophy were refined and edited, so that they would properly reflect new messages from the renewed company.
Our original illustrations were used for the main graphics of the brochure to visualize how the employees interact with one another, and the kind of relationships they have built with their business partners, local people and family members. The readers will get to know how Shimada’s staff members are committed to work and how they value “interaction between people,” as well as the fun atmosphere of the workplace.    


Topics of the company, introduction of each department, company history, and greeting from the president were put together and presented on the pages in the latter half of the brochure. If you take a close look, you will realize that the yellow bird you see at the beginning of the brochure keeps flying through to the last page. This implicitly shows the company’s commitment to the philosophy “HaRiSS” in any situation.
Client : 島田株式会社/Shimada Co., Ltd.
Planning, Art Direction, Design, Illustration : 藤田雅臣/Masaomi Fujita(tegusu Inc.)

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