The Four seasones of Country life / Kimiyo Nishiyama (A5 size / 64 p)
Art Direction, Design : Masaomi Fujita
Illustration : Rie Kurosawa
It is a collection of essays by the author on the subjects such as her relations with nature, harvesting of her produces and her cooking, in her reflections of her own country life in the changes of the seasons. It portrays the self-sustaining life in the country with ample illustrations. 
The title of the book in Japanese literally means, “Life in the Country is Colored by the Seasons”. I tried to express the implication of the title with abstract patterns of each season, applying them to the graphic motifs of the entire book, and to the typographies of the inside cover pages of ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter.
The author also writes about the ideas of ‘mottainai’ (not wanting to waste things), and she uniquely called herself ‘Mottainaissier’. I created an icon with this word in kanji and alphabets to make it a symbol of this book for the uniqueness.
The cover represents the image of the author enjoying changes of seasons in her life from her window, and designed to show the patterns of the four seasons from four windows. When the cover paper is removed, the inside of the cover shows free spread of the patterns of the four seasons that express the ‘richness’ and ‘colors’ of the country life.
I also had bookmarkers made from the excess of the cover paper, cutting the patterns randomly to express the idea of ‘mottainai’ in details. 

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